Our Story

Arizona Cutlery and Sharpening Service, Inc. was started in the spring of 1975. After struggling for 2 1/2 years, the founder sold the still unprofitable business in the fall of 1977 to the Povinelli brothers of Buffalo, NY who were interested in expanding their family business.

The original family business was started in the 1890's in Buffalo, NY by John Povinelli and his brother Dominic who came from Carisolo - Trento - Italy. They sharpened knives by a push cart mounted grindstone and in the early 1900's used a horse and wagon.

In the 1920's the 6 sons of John Povinelli joined their father and expanded the business. Doing their sharpening in trucks, they covered the city of Buffalo and its suburbs

During the 1950's and 60's, their sons (the third generation) became involved to continue the family business.

In 1977, John, Larry, and Gene Povinelli purchased Arizona Cutlery. They greatly expanded and improved the operation of the business and now service customers in most of Arizona. The three brothers are now retired and the business is operated by a fourth generation son, Kevin Povinelli, a great grandson of the founder. We are continually expanding and providing more products and services.

Other grandsons and great grandchildren are still operating the family business in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and in Charlotte, NC as well as the original family business in Buffalo, NY where they have served their customers for over 100 years.